Black Lives Matter and the Dallas Police Shooting


The parallels I see between the black community and the Muslim community continue, today in one of the saddest ways. Because late last night when I heard that multiple police had been shot at a black lives matter protest, I had the similar feeling of being punched in the gut as every time I hear about a terrorist killing people in the name of Islam… this feeling, right here, this is one of the worst feelings. You have grievances, you have beliefs, you have an identity: blacklivesmatter, Muslim, social justice advocate. Then, suddenly, someone comes out of seemingly nowhere and takes your grievances, your beliefs, your identities, takes them, takes ownership of them, perverts them, uses them to murder innocent people??  Killing in cold blood, all in the name of your righteous fight for justice. In the name of your righteous religion. In the name of your justified grievances.


What do you do? Don’t they see? Don’t they understand that their crime wasn’t just against the innocent officers they mercilessly slaughtered, against the wives of police officers everywhere who now have to live in fear for their husbands on the job, against the children of police officers who wonder if their mom or dad will come home safe. Their crime was also against EVERYONE who has ever uttered #blacklivesmatter. Who now have to have their motives, their humanity, their innocence, their righteous fight questioned. Whose progress and demands for justice have now taken ten steps back. Whose hard work and legitimate fight has been robbed and perverted by a selfish criminal. This is terrorism! Hurting everyone, sparing no one. This is how terrorists harm Muslims over, and over, and over. And now these sniper terrorists have hurt the blacklivesmatter community in the exact same way. Is there anything more infuriating? Condemning this act won’t bring these dead officers back. It won’t mend the divide that was just deepened. It won’t straighten out the confusion. It won’t catch up the progress that was just lost. But now, maybe more than ever, we need to stand for justice for all americans. Make sure all americans are seen, heard , and respected. Make sure that every black American knows that their life MATTERS. Because united we stand, divided we fall. Terrorists will always seek to deepen the divides, and we have to refuse to let them.

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