Humble Affirmations

One of the things I struggle with is humility. Arrogance can creep its way into my brain in ways I least expect. I realize that it’s not just when I’m feeling beautiful or successful that I can feel arrogant. It’s also, and more often, when I feel like I’m somehow smarter or more “good” than others. So these are some of my thoughts about arrogance (in an Islamic context) that might help others reflect on how arrogance manifests itself in their life.  (Even in this blog post, I need to be careful to share this with the intention of expressing myself and simply “sharing”, not showing it off as a work I’m proud of.)

Humble Affirmations

Everything I have is a gift from God, I don’t deserve any of it.

Any intelligence I have is not only a blessing but a RESPONSIBILITY. The more knowledge, wisdom, guidance I have, the more I owe the world.

I am blessed to have the experiences I have, don’t judge those whose life views are a result of not having the same experiences.

Everyone is loved by God, and everyone deserves my respect and favor.
I need to give my 100% all of the time simply to show gratitude for the life God gave me.

If you are proud of yourself, you are simply being blinded to your many faults, it doesn’t mean you are FREE of faults.

You should not be proud that you are Muslim, you are wrong; it is by God’s mercy that you are guided, not because you’re smart or clever enough to find Islam and discern “the truth.”

You should not think of yourself as a “good” person. If you think that way, then it’s a sign you are not being the best person you can be. A good person doesn’t view themselves as good, and it’s very presumptuous and counterproductive to think that about yourself.

No one is better than you, no matter how blatant their sins are or no matter how you are viewing them. There is always more than what meets the eye, let alone the small perspective that your eye sees. You are not objective, you are inherently subjective: don’t judge. Only God can. Only God knows.

Focusing on people’s faults makes you a worse person, if you view yourself as superior to someone, it’s a good indicator that they are better than you.

No one with an ounce of arrogance in their heart will enter heaven.

Pride leads to arrogance which leads to ingratitude. Anything you have, even clear vision, even the capacity to do good and want to do good, is a gift from God and can be taken away.

Arrogance in being a good person is still arrogance. Just because you’re not arrogant about money or power doesn’t mean it’s not arrogance.

May God help to take the arrogance out of my heart and replace it with gratitude and humility.

How does your arrogance manifest itself? Observe it and then peacefully work to change it 🙂

1. Making fun of others — their accents, their way of life, their way of doing things, their “stupidity.” Why do you find it fun? Why do you find it funny?
2. “Showing Off” how amazing Islam is in an attempt to show others that you are good and right to be on this path
3. Not working as hard as you should – whether it’s cleaning the kitchen at work, slacking off and not giving it your all, thinking you don’t have to work as hard as others or that you are still as worthy as those who work hard
4. Judging people on how “good” they are – whether it’s your husband, your colleagues, your friends and family. The prophet always excused people to overlook their sins and you don’t even excuse your most loved ones.
5. Thinking you have people figured out – people and their problems are complicated- be very careful and humble when giving advice. People aren’t games or puzzles to figure out, they are God’s creations and you never, ever know the whole story.
6. Thinking doing good makes you good- doing good should be the rule, not the exception. Don’t start patting yourself on the back just because you gave to charity or did a good deed.

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