Us vs. Them – A Tale as Old as Time

In light of Trump’s recent declaration that Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S. and the Front National gaining a majority vote in France.

Right wing extremists in whatever way you want to categorize them, have begun to leave their mark on history this time around. Just as they have countless times before. And time will pass, and the abuse will climax, and eventually they will realize that their crusade was hypocritical, and ill-informed, and short-sighted, and who knows how many families will have been ruined, how many abuses of human dignity will be made, how many lives will have been lost. And then, with more time, the history books will denounce it, and the country will “learn” from it, and will brush itself off as having made a mistake in a time of fear. And the world may benefit from a few years of humility, until a new clash, or global misunderstanding or attack, leads to a creation of a new “enemy”, a new “threat”, a new “them, and the cycle will slowly start again, taking more lives, taking more hearts, more souls. And we can tell our children, this is just the return of the tale of us. vs. them– the tale of sacrificing humanity for perceived security. And those on the right side of justice will try, in vain, to warn and reason, only to have their desperate cries be drowned out by the chants of silly men who are too blind to realize that their battle cry is a bedtime story, always told with different colored characters, but with the same, sad moral.


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