Clare Bowen Chops off Hair


I noticed that Clare Bowen chose to cut off her hair for the same reason many Muslim women are so protective of their hijab (headscarf). She argues that as women, we deserve to be respected for what’s on the inside, not constantly pressured to show off our outside. I think for a lot of women, our hair is deeply connected to her sense of beauty and worth, and sometimes the pressure society puts on it and the effort we put into maintaining it makes us forget that it’s just hair. To me, that’s the spirit of hijab, even if some men in some cultures undoubtedly twist it into being an oppressive symbol. (leave it to men to screw things up…kidding.) I believe the origin of hijab was to liberate women, as I’m sure Clare felt liberated from chopping off her hair. If you support Clare and what she stands for, maybe you are more of a hijab supporter than you think! 🙂

Her Facebook Post About the Haircut


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