Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?

I drove Abde to work tonight and on the way home was singing an old favorite of mine, “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. This song is dear to me for so many reasons, not only because it is my Mom’s favorite song, but it is also the song I sang for a really special concert at the end of my senior year, and it also has really incredible lyrics that are like poetry. I started thinking about how the song talks about change, and how change has been the only constant in my life these past few years. Here I am today, in Montreal, Canada, living the city life with Abdé (and our cat, Bino), and though I truly love my life here and am continuing to have great experiences, it can be rather sad when I get bouts of nostalgia about my college years or feel like I am missing out on spending time with my family or high school (and by high school I really mean elementary school) friends.

The flip side to a life full of adventure and growth is that often times, you end up leaving quite a few people and places behind, and though growing is a beautiful, it is not always graceful, nor cohesive, process. That is why I think these lyrics spoke to me so much.

Montreal is an amazing place. The diversity here slaps you in the face, and has been a refreshing surprise for Abdé and I. I have never felt like we’ve been in a place where we both belong, exactly as we are. People here are genuinely friendly, genuinely polite, and warm. (The winters are not.) There are public parks in every neighborhood that make you forget you are living in the second biggest city in Canada, and the way that the snow lights up the city in the winter almost makes you forget the cold! It really is a charming place, and since I’ve been here I have made friends from Morocco, Brazil, Syria, Venezuela, Lebanon, France, Italy, Peru, Mexico, China, Russia, Korea, and, of course, Canada!


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