Life Update

After neglecting this poor blog for about a year, I’ve decided to give a quick update!

I am currently living in Montreal with Abdé. I recently graduated from Wayne State University with a Masters in Near Eastern Studies. Abdé is starting school at the University of Montreal, and I am job searching…

The past three years of my life have consisted of so much growth, change, and tumultuous transition. I graduated from college, started a new masters program, and converted to a new faith: Islam.

So what changed? Ultimately, converting to Islam led to a search for what religion really was inside of me. I had to figure out what my relationship to God WAS in order to figure out what this conversion meant and how it was going to affect that relationship. The process was broken, messy, and unclear, because it took time for me to get to know my faith and figure out what it really meant to be a Muslim for me.

The first time I prayed was after I had returned home to the States, and Abdé’s little cousin was having fever seizures. I had been reading the Qur’an for a class at school, and had experienced that moment of “Oh. Wow. This is true.” It was when the Qur’an described how everything in the world bows down to Allah (swt) and it made reference to shadows. I believe this is the verse I am referring to:

“And to Allah prostrates whoever is within the heavens and the earth, willingly or by compulsion, and their shadows [as well] in the mornings and the afternoons.”

Q 13:15

Montreal is an amazing place and moving to a new city with Abde has definitely been an adventure. I will try to update more regularly!

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