What do Muslims believe?

I’m driving in the car driving up to our cottage in northern Michigan with my mom and having a conversation about faith in general. I think that some of the questions she’s asking me about Islam are really common and important questions for most Christians, and are a lot of the same questions I first had when I began researching the religion. So here I’m going to clarify two things I just clarified for my mom. First of all, according to Muslim belief, Jesus (pboh) is a prophet, just like Muhammad (pboh) and he preached the message of God. The difference is that Muslims do not believe that Jesus is God or begotten by God, because it is stated in the Qur’an that God has never begotten anything. Secondly, the Qu’ran was received after the bible and the Torah, and the Qu’ran describes these books as holy. The Qu’ran can be seen as a clarification of the messages conveyed in these books that had over time been misconstrued by men. This is all information I’ve gathered both from discussions with Abde and in my class at Wayne State, The Qu’ran: History and Interpretation. Hope this helps for any curious souls out there!

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