Nul n’est prophète dans son pays

“Nul n’est prophète dans son pays”

“Nobody is a prophet in their own country.” This quote is one of both Abdé and my favorites and the inspiration for this site. Abdé sent me this quote one night while we were discussing our relationship. We took it to mean two different things at first, which was interesting. I took it to mean that your words hold more meaning when you are far from home. In other words, I think it describes the phenomenon of how when you travel, you become more than just an individual, you represent entire concepts and ideas. For example, when I lived with Abdé in France this summer, I felt like so many people saw me not just as Dana: I was America, and I felt more responsible for my words and actions because I was representing my entire country. Abdé took the quote to mean that one must travel to gain wisdom, and that it is a necessary part of learning and life. In this sense, it is a very appropriate quote to describe the content of this website.

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